The last Candidates Tournament Game on day one between Levon Aronian and Anish Giri finished with the draw.

On the late press-briefing after the game Giri said moves 28-35 gave him a little advantage over Aronian though he haven’t reach the goal and haven’t won. “I was waiting for just one mistake from Levon to win but I didn’t succeed”- Anish said.

Aronian noticed that he is usually not affected by any external reasons but today he was a bit nervous – especially after Armenia President made the first move. «I wrongly treated Anishe's position in the mittelschpiel and this didn't give me a chance to win» - Levon said.

After the first day Anand leads with 1 point, others have 0,5 points and Veselin Topalov is the last one with no points.